Did you know that acupuncture helps destress your mind?

coffeecup_ballistik_coffee_boy_crop380wI had an interesting conversation at the cafe this morning about everyday mental health. Most people in NZ view acupuncture as primarily a treatment for physical injuries and don’t realise its use in rebalancing our mental state and providing psychological care. I trained internationally in ‘classical’ acupuncture which considers wellness to be an integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. My chat this morning provided a great opportunity to help a busy mum understand that there is effective help out there for her symptoms of chronic tiredness and the associated physical and emotional symptoms, which her doctor could neither find a diagnosis for nor offer helpful treatment. This is where acupuncture and other holistic therapies really come into their own. For one, I could reassure her that her range of vague symptoms was substantial enough for me to work with, and two, there are therapies designed to bring her back to balance even if she doesn’t have a fixed diagnosis of anything wrong. I have many clients who come into the clinic and just say “I don’t know what’s wrong, the doctor can’t find anything, but I feel awful and am too stressed”. Acupuncture, reflexology, energy healing, and to a large extent massage, all act to unblock energy pathways, enhance our subconscious processing and optimise well being so that we can live the life we want. This is the basis of our everyday happiness and mental health. Most of us get overwhelmed by stress at some point and acupuncture is a highly effective treatment to get us back on track and clear our mind.